fredag 22. april 2016

Vel hjemme i gjen

Elever og lærere vendte hjem fra Portugal med ny energi til fortsette på skolen. I portugiske aviser kunne man lese om besøket og prosjektet vårt. I etterkant har vi hatt en essay-konkurranse. Alle deltakerne skulle skrive en kort stil om sine opplevelser i Portugal. Her er en av de norske elevenes bidrag til konkurransen.

When we first heard about the Portugal trip we knew that we were going to be there and discuss school. What we didn't know was that we would be left with so many funny memories with so many amazing people.
 On the way to Porto we already wanted to go home again, we had long hours at the airport and were just generally really tired. But I am almost confident to say that when that last day came and went we didn't want to leave. It had been worth all the tiredness and stress, because we had met so many different people and we had learned so many new things. The most memorable experiences where at the school, its where we all had to meet and where we all learned out each other.
The long days in the cold auditorium is not the thing that stands out the most by memory, but it was certainly where we spent most of our time. The day at I remember the most was the day out in Braga, it was such nice weather and walking and looking at houses was a nice way to see some history.
The trip to Portugal thought me that there where people close to my situation, but in a whole different place in the world. I think it is really important to make international project like this for youth so that they will become aware of the world around them. Which is certainly what it did for us. I really hope I will see you all again one day.


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